Marlins' Swim Club - About Us

The Marlins Swim Club, founded in 1959, by Mr. John Lopez, has a long and rich history of success, developing young swimming talent in Jamaica.

One of the first competitive swimming clubs formed in Jamaica, the Marlins Swim Club for decades has focused on nurturing and developing swimming talent at our home base at the National Aquatic Centre in Kingston, Jamaica. The Marlins Swim Club is a not-for-profit club, led by a volunteer Executive elected from our body of swim parents.

We are dedicated to the total development of our athletes and their continued success on the national and international stage. The programme offered by the Marlins Swim Club covers a complete range of ability levels, from fun, technique-based practice for our Junior swimmers to more rigorous and challenging programmes for the Senior swimmers who desire to compete at the Club and National levels.

Our commitment to our swimmers is to provide high-quality coaching, technique instruction, and conditioning in a safe family environment. While individual achievement and athletic excellence are encouraged, an equally important philosophy is to help our swimmers become better equipped to cope with challenges in a disciplined and constructive way.

We encourage good sportsmanship at all times towards coaches, officials, team members, and our competitors. All our members are encouraged to be involved in our volunteer activities and fundraisers in support of our swimmers.


The aim of the Club shall be:

  • The teaching, development, and practice of swimming and open water swimming for its members.
  • The promotion of competitions and championships and entry into competitions and championships at the local, national, regional and international level for its members.
  • To enhance the mental toughness, love for discipline, physical capability and fitness, spiritual growth and health of our members.