Omar Hawes


We welcome new parents wholeheartedly the Marlins Swim Club. Our commitment is to provide an environment where each child can develop each of the four competitive strokes while having fun and achieving their short and long term goals. With hard work, commitment and dedication we are confident each child will achieve. We recognize that each swimmer comes to the Marlins Swim Club with different skills and goals.

As such, we try as best as possible to group them based on their abilities, and that they practice with swimmers of similar competence and skills. Practice sessions will be spent continually developing each swimmer’s stroke technique, efficiency and perfecting their starts, turns and finishes which they ultimately display at swim meets which are held several times for the year. So, all we hope is for every child to try his/her best during practice sessions, with of course, their parents’ support. We encourage our parents to contribute to the success experienced by the child by showing good sportsmanship at all times towards coaches, officials, their teammates and other swimmers. To ensure that this area is achievable, we encourage active communication between our parents, coaching staff, the executive and our children throughout the season.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Executive if you have any questions or concerns. The Marlins Swim Club is run by volunteers, so you in essence are a Marlins volunteer. We therefore ask that one parent from each family signs up as a volunteer at the various swim meets held by the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ). This is a requirement which is printed on the summons for each meet. Remember, if this is not done, the club will be prevented from participating in the specified meet. We really ask for your cooperation during the year and implore you to give your child and your fellow parents support during your sojourn at the club. Our sincere wish is to put the Marlins Swim Club at the pinnacle of the swimming fraternity which our competitors will only want to emulate.

So get active in the club’s life and see what it is that you can offer as we strive to enrich the lives of our children in swimming.

Blessings Always,


Omar Hawes